5 Easy Rituals for a Glowing Fall Complexion

After a summer filled with long days at the beach, winding road trips, and late patio nights, it might take a little extra care to extend your summer glow into the winter months. Luckily, today I'm sharing my 5 favourite rituals for a glowing fall complexion.


The weather is cool and crisp, but that doesn't mean you need any less water. Keep a refillable bottle at your desk and sip from it throughout the day to encourage healthy digestion, natural detoxification and glowing skin.

Self-care ritual: Spice it up and boost your nutrient intake by adding seasonal fruit, rosemary or aloe vera.


As the seasons change, so do the fruits and veg readily available to us. Instead of sticking to the usual suspects, try adding variety to your diet by reaching for seasonal produce. This ensures you receive a wide array of nutrients that are essential for healthy, vibrant skin. Pumpkin for example, is high in beta-carotene, vitamin C, potassium and fibre - all essential components of a balanced diet and radiant complexion.

Self-care ritual: Whip up a healthy version of the ubiquitous #PSL with coffee, pumpkin puree, spices and coconut milk.


The cooler weather may keep you from your favourite outdoor activities, so make sure you find an indoor replacement to help encourage healthy circulation and blood flow. Exercise not only helps manage stress levels, it can help balance blood sugar to reduce inflammation in the skin and encourages efficient blood flow and circulation to help maintain a glowing complexion.

Self-care ritual: Feel like time is working against you? A quick walk around the block or 5 minute stretch every hour can still make a difference.


Fall is a crazy time of year, with family commitments, social activities and work all gearing up for a busy season. To stay sane, try to carve out a small chunk of time each day to breathe deeply, meditate or stretch - it doesn't have to be long, and even 5-10 minutes will make a difference!

Self-care ritual: Show yourself some love. Light a candle, burn palo santo or add a few drops of Woodlot’s Flora Essential Oil Blend to your diffuser to help reduce stress levels and balance your nervous system.


A summer of sun, sand and cocktails (only me?) can leave skin dull and congested with uneven tone and pigmentation. To boost radiance without drying skin, try switching to a milky cleanser, tone with soothing botanicals to help reduce redness and irritation and reach for skin appropriate oils to deeply nourish your complexion.

Self-care ritual: Look for rosehip oil to help fade pigmentation and jojoba to nourish without any greasy residue.

Bottom line? Keep making time for yourself and prioritize a holistic approach to self-care. The rest will fall into place!