5 Easy Rituals for Vibrant Energy

5 Easy Rituals for Vibrant Energy

Summer is finally around the corner, and if you’re like us you can’t wait to take advantage of long summer days, longer nights and all of the outdoor activities that go along with it. Hello hiking, ocean lounging, beach picnics, BBQs, and nights spent around the fire. But how do we make sure we have enough energy to take advantage of the beautiful days that are sure to come?

Today, we’re sharing 5 easy rituals to invite in vibrant energy as we transition into the new season.

  1. Water is Life

This is one of our favourite tips for basically anything wellness related, but trust us when we say this is the single most important thing you can do to stay energized throughout the day. Water makes up a huge percentage of our body’s composition, including our brain. Dehydration results in the dreaded ‘brain fog’ which can result in feelings of confusion (what did I open this cupboard for??) and lethargy.

The ritual: Start each morning with two glasses of water with freshly squeezed lemon to gently wake the body up while encouraging digestion and a well stoked metabolism.

  1. Master Your Morning Rituals

On the same note, it’s time to bring attention to the rest of your morning rituals. The amount of attention you give to what you do right after you sleep is a key factor in deciding your daily energy levels. Now is the time to implement an achievable set of morning rituals and commit to doing them everyday!

The ritual: begin the day with a short meditation, add a few drops of stimulating Recharge to your diffuser and craft a caffeine free morning elixir to avoid any midafternoon crash.

  1. Invite in Movement

Even if only for 5 minutes, because not only does exercise give you more energy, it increases your resilience, allowing you to better cope with the stress and unwelcome pressure we all have to confront on the daily.

The ritual: Stimulate circulation, blood flow and energy with a quick yoga sequence, HIIT workout or walk around the block. There is truly no better way to invite energy into the body than to use it!

  1. Inspire Wellness with Ancient Rituals

We have always incorporated ancient rituals to inspire wellness and aromatherapy is one of our favourite ways to invite in radiant energy. Each essential oil ignites an emotional and physiological response in the body and there are a number of stimulating and energizing oils to choose from.

The ritual: We love including invigorating oils like rosemary and peppermint to improve concentration, memory, energy and stamina. Lavender is also always a go-to for its adaptogenic properties – a relaxing oil if you need it, lavender can also help improve energy, mood and vitality!

  1. End Your Day with Intention

By bringing more attention to your sleep rituals, you can begin to create habits that your body recognizes, which encourages a more deep, restful sleep and thus vitality, each morning.

The ritual: We love bringing aromatherapy into this ritual and use our Flora Everyday Face + Body Mist on pillows and linens to help reduce tension and relax our nervous system. Signal to your body that it’s time for sleep by lighting your favourite candle or burning a stick of palo each night before bed.

We hope these rituals find you well. Here’s to an amazing summer spent making memories with the ones we hold close.

Woodlot xo

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