5 Easy Rituals to Build Radiance

Because with summer (finally!) on the horizon it’s time to add a little extra glow. But by glow, we mean something that goes beyond physical appearance. Today, we’re sharing 5 easy rituals to build radiance that incorporate body, mind and soul.

One Minute Breath

As with everything we do around here, this ritual starts with a pause. Because – we get it – life is busy. Like really busy. But it’s our truest belief that being mindful and staying present is your best bet to cultivate radiant, glowing beauty.

The ritual: Breathe one breath per minute: 20 seconds inhale, 20 seconds hold the breath, 20 seconds exhale. If this seems difficult at first, start with 5:5:5, build to 10:10:10 and so on until you reach 20:20:20.

Cold Shower

We know – what? Why would one have a cold shower, when warm, cozy water is just a turn of the knob away? We love the feel of a shot of cold water first thing in the morning and the circulation boosting, metabolism firing, skin supportive benefits aren’t to be ignored.

The ritual: Begin with 30 seconds to 1 minute of dry brushing to stimulate circulation and rid the body of dead skin cells. Then step into the shower and cleanse as usual, with water as cold as you can handle. If this is challenging at first, end off your usual warm shower with a shot of cold and get ready to take on the day with vital, vibrant energy.

The Act of Moisturizing

We believe the act of moisturizing the body is one of the most subtle and effective wellness rituals you can begin to incorporate into your daily routine. The simple action of rubbing lotion on the skin is a form of self-soothing and stimulates circulation as well as cell regeneration. What better way to infuse your skin with the healing benefits of natural ingredients!

The ritual: Select your lotion based on what you need that day. Whether it’s energy, relaxation or heart opening self-love – there’s a lotion for that! Take all the time you need to slowly massage into skin, allowing the all natural aromatherapy to benefit mind and body.

Draw Out Impurities

Thanks to the sheer amount of pollution, sweat, grime and makeup our skin is subjected to on a regular basis, it can often us a little help to look as refreshed and revitalized as we may like. Give yourself the gift of ‘me time’ combined with pure, all-natural ingredients from the earth and get ready to glow from the inside, out.

The ritual: In your favourite mask dish, combine 1 tbsp of our Rejuvenating Green Tea Clay Mask with a small amount of water until a thin paste has formed. Apply a thin layer to clean skin and allow mask to dry (no more than 10 minutes) while natural ingredients like colloidal clay help draw out impurities.

Connect to the Earth

The weather is warming, flowers are blooming and birds are signing. There’s no better way to build radiance than to feel the sun beating down on warm skin with feet firmly planted on the earth.

The ritual: It’s simple. Walk outside, take in the gentle sounds of nature and connect the soles of your feet to the earth. Sit back, and enjoy! There are over 72,000 nerve endings in the soles of your feet, so by connecting them to the ground your personal energy field begins to align with the earth’s energy field – creating more peace, and thus more radiance.

Xo Woodlot