A Scent Story // Original

While Woodlot values clean-burning, plant-based products with simple, pure, and all-natural ingredients, we’re first and foremost a scent company.

Introducing A Scent Story: a behind the scents look at how each Woodlot blend came into being - starting with our signature scent, Original

Once upon a time, in a not so faraway land, an exotic blend of refreshing fir, crisp pine, and woodsy cedar was combined with calming eucalyptus, soothing vanilla and sweet orange, and at last, the perfect candle was born...

Since the beginning, our Original scent has remained one of the most sought after blends in our collection, year after year, season after season.  Here's what some of you shared about your own associations with Original.

"I love Original! It's the perfect mix between sweet and spicy."

- Rebecca, Woodlot Customer

"I use the candle as a breath of fresh air or a grounding reset."

- Amanda, Woodlot Customer

"Freshness and readiness."

- Ash, Woodlot Customer

Today, we’re sharing a little Q & A with Woodlot co-founder, Sonia Chhinji, on how the scent that sparked an entire company came into being.


How did you decide on the name for this scent? 

Before we even decided to call the company Woodlot, this scent was named Woodlot. We changed it to Original after we added Cascadia and Recharge because we wanted to pay homage to this scent being the O.G. of our collection - the one that got us off the ground. 

What about the tagline, “Start a New Tradition”? 

Growing up, there were a lot of candles and incense burning in my home. Anytime there was something new to pray for, or wish for, or celebrate, we would burn a candle (“diya”). The flame was this beautiful symbol of good things to come. It was reliable, in a way, and full of hope. Similar to how we blow out candles and make a wish on birthdays, I love lighting a candle and setting a new intention. 

What was the process like for coming up with this initial scent? 

Fouad and I wanted to create a candle that could be enjoyed by all. Basically, a well-rounded scent. In our minds, that was something sweet, earthy, and with a tinge of citrus. A lot of the candles that we’d been burning prior to making our own were sickly sweet and didn’t have the grounding scent that we were looking for. This being our first dive into the creation of a scent, we quickly learnt that, very similar to flavour combining with cooking, you really have to let the aroma sit for a bit and then come back to it to get a sense of what you’re creating. Like wine, some scents will get better over time, and some are just not meant to be paired. 


What mood and rituals do you associate most with this scent? Do you find it’s the same for other people? 

I love burning this scent when I’m journaling, meditating, or doing yoga. It’s also my go-to scent when gifting a loved one who is moving into a new place, starting a new job, or making some kind of change in their life. I associate the striking of a match and the ritual of candle burning with transformation, so this initial scent has always symbolized that for me. Alternatively, common feedback we’ve received on this scent is that it brings you back to a special place or a fond memory. Since Canadians are all over the world, we often hear from Canadians living in other places that this scent reminds them of home. That people associate any of our scents to Canada and the feeling of home is one of my favourite things to hear. 

Right now this scent can be enjoyed as a candle or as an essential oil, but will there be other Original scented products in the future? 

I love this scent in the candle form. We used to have this scent available in the Charcoal Soap but that bar became the Wildwoods Soap Bar. It was quite lovely as a soap scent. I would definitely consider adding this scent to a bath collection in the future, or creating it as a solid perfume. 

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Woodlot xo

Studio images: (cover & top image) by Brit Gill (@brit_gill)