Autumn Attunement

We believe the body reflects many aspects of the natural world, and like the leaves falling from trees, Autumn is often thought of as a season for release. Consider it a time to let go of the things that no longer serve you and return to the rituals and wellness practices that fill you up.

To help, we’re revisiting some of our favourite ways to be well to help inspire a balance of body, mind and soul this fall!

Be Nourished

Plant Powered Morning Rituals

Nix the caffeine and welcome balanced energy and vibrancy this season! A beverage we often compulsively reach for without even realizing why, more often than not it’s the ritual of preparing our favourite cup of joe that keeps us going back for more. This season we’re upping the ante with a chaga elixir to boost productivity, creativity and mental clarity. Known as the ‘diamond of the forest’ chaga contains one of the highest known concentrations of antioxidants of any foods and is an excellent source of vitamin D, vitamin K, B vitamins and various immune supporting minerals!

Mindful Morning Rituals

Even with the best of intentions, the loss of summer combined with dark, dreary weather can leave us feeling tired and lazy af. This season, try incorporating slow, mindful morning rituals to encourage a balanced start to the day. Our favourite tip? Before you do anything else (including the morning IG scroll) practice 1-2 minutes of gratitude. This simple step can reset your entire take on the day and inspires a positive start in the face of another blustery morning.

Be Well

A Mindful Beauty Routine

Remaining present during the busy fall season can be a challenge and it often seems like there just isn’t a second to spare, making it all the more important to set a side time for intentional self-care. We love infusing our daily beauty routine with mindfulness, because no matter how busy your day is, the simple act of brushing your teeth can become a quiet moment of reflective self-care.

Zen Your Abode

From meditation classes and yoga nidra to silent retreats and everything in between - over the past year mindfulness has become one of the biggest wellness trends to watch out for. It seems we need it - what with work, kids, bills and other stressors constantly tugging at us - it’s becoming more and more difficult to just.chill.out. Knowing this, it can seem overwhelming or low priority to keep the house in order, but it’s actually more important than we realize. Basically tidy house equals tidy mind equals lower stress levels and a space you actually want to come home and relax in. Try these 5 simple steps to zen your home and see how different you feel! P.S. - it’s candle season!

Be Radiant

Rituals for Radiance

Our love for a good mask runs deep. And more than just the benefit to our skin, it’s the entire ritual of masking that lights us up. Making a commitment to mask forces us to be still. To connect. And to dive deep into the wellness rituals that make us shine bright. But after a hot summer season this ritual is especially important as sun, sweat and sunscreen act together to clog pores and congest an otherwise clear complexion. But don’t worry - we’ve got you. Just set a side 10 minutes to chill out with our favourite post summer rituals for radiance.

An Icy At-Home Facial

The short, cool days of fall are here - making it the perfect time to switch up your facial routine to extend your summer glow! We’ve always been big believers in facial massage, but it might not be quite as obvious what adding in an icy at-home facial can do. Ice facials work by improving circulation and blood flow - when cold temperatures are applied to the skin, blood vessels constrict, reducing puffiness and inflammation. Whether morning or night, this ritual can result in a firm, tightened complexion, reduced pore size and balanced oil production!

We’re wishing you an inspired season of wellness - enjoy!

Woodlot xo