Best Soap for Sensitive Skin

If there's one self care ritual we all have in common, it's cleansing our skin with warm water and soap several times a day - and now that ‘several’ is a much larger number than it probably was pre-pandemic, this particular ritual has popped into more conversations lately than ever before.

While in the past, a typical meet up with girlfriends may have included mention of the latest skincare find or a new mascara that everyone is loving, the topic of your basic hand washing routine was probably not high on the list of anyone’s go-to conversation-starters.  But now that our hands are spending a lot more time under the tap, more and more we’re hearing from one  another, aggravated complaints of oh-so-dry hands - and the assaults this pandemic has had on our skin certainly doesn’t stop there.  

Today we share our top nourishing soap bar picks for dryness, acne, and sunburn.  With all the hand sanitizing, mask wearing, and outdoor meet ups with friends and family - your skin deserves only the purest of ingredients to revitalize, refresh, and heal.

Oh, so dry!

Those of us with sensitive skin are no stranger to dryness, but add frequent hand washing and sanitizing products with high alcohol content into the mix, and we’re left with agitated hands that are in dire need of rescue.  Not only is alcohol extremely drying on its own, but products with the blanket term “fragrance” allow for ingredients that are extremely harsh on the skin and can be found even in lotions that are marketed as soothing.

Tending to delicate, sensitive skin deserves a special formula of carefully chosen ingredients that enhance your skin's natural radiance.  At Woodlot, we offer a range of soap bars that contain deeply nourishing and ultra-hydrating ingredients.  A few of our bars also include clays that make potent detoxers (read more about these below) but if your issue is with dryness, you’ll want to select one of our clay-free bars as clays can absorb a bit of the moisture you’d probably rather allow your skin to absorb.  

Our top pick for tending to dry skin is our Recharge bar.  Peppermint essential oil is moisturizing and cooling, and aside from soothing rosemary and a base of nourishing oils, this bars boasts one of our shortest ingredients lists - meaning your skin is getting just what it needs, and nothing that it doesn’t.

Opt for our Recharge Soap & Lotion Bundle to save a few bucks and give your skin some extra love as this pandemic persists.

And if for you, love is spelt A-M-O-U-R, you’ll be relieved to know that while our highly sought after Amour Bar does contain kaolin clay, this clay doesn’t absorb as much moisture as its more hardy counterparts, making it still a relatively safe choice for dry skin.  

ICYMI - check out our A Scent Story // Amour blog from earlier this month on how this luscious scent came into being.

“I love your mask!”

While we love a great face mask over here at Woodlot, a new type of mask has been trending with this pandemic - and with them, new and unruly acne for many of us.  And while we accept mask wearing as a current necessity, and have even embraced them as a fun new fashion accessory - the excess acne they can bring about is not a trend we’ll miss once public mask wearing is a thing of the past.

‘Maskne’ is a result of clogged pores that can occur when our skin is unable to breathe throughout the day, and plagues many of us who simply have no other choice but to cover up.    

We’re all about loving the skin you're in, and acne certainly doesn’t change your worth - but it can be painful and even leave scarring if mistreated.  The best thing we can do to avoid any scarring is to simply let acne be, and allow it to heal at its own pace, but we still need to keep the area clean, and for that, we want only the gentlest and purest of ingredients coming into contact with it.

We also don’t want to compound the problem and create more acne later on.  Parabens, which can be found in many soap bars, mimic our bodies natural estrogen and can interfere with the endocrine system, which may cause an increase in hormonal acne.  An all natural approach is always best, and a simple soap bar that’s made up of nourishing oils and butters, earth sourced clays, and scented only with pure essential oils, is all your skin needs - and everything it deserves.


While we like to recommend our Nourishing Cleansing Balm for washing your face, if you’re a minimalist who prefers a simple bar of soap for all your cleansing needs, we’re proud to offer a collection of bars that are gentle, soothing, and de-toxifying - rather than toxic!

Many will avoid cleansing their faces with soap as a typical soap bar can be drying, but with a base of olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, coconut and shea butters, Woodlot Soap Bars are anything but typical.  

For those battling acne, we suggest the Wildwoods Charcoal Bar.  We infuse this bar with detoxifying bamboo charcoal that gently lifts dirt, bacteria, and toxins from the skin for a deep and thorough clean - leaving your face and body feeling completely refreshed.  If your concern is with varying pollutants on the surface of your skin getting caught beneath your mask all day, this is the bar for you.


If you’re looking to break or reduce the cycle of ongoing acne, and you're worried that your mask is preventing your skin from healing well each time you break out, consider our Cinder Soap Bar.  Made from an organic base of clarifying bentonite clay and French grey salt, this soap bar has a combination of ingredients that soothes the skin while reducing moisture loss.  Vetiver specifically is a powerhouse essential oil for fighting acne as it aids in cell regeneration and reduces the occurrence of blemishes, leaving you feeling rejuvenated, and glowing, inside and out. 

If you can’t yet clear away your acne for good, reducing occurrences and speeding up healing is the next best thing.  We chose to include lavender in four out of six of our skincare products because it is an essential oil that has long been used to promote healing and fend off infection with its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.  It also makes our Flora Soap Bar a great choice for acne and ‘maskne’ prone skin.  


With summer not far off, we’re about to be seeing a lot more of the sun.  Depending on where you live and what the restrictions are for public spaces, most socializing will have to occur outdoors, and with everyone in your city out and about, your favourite shaded spots might not always be available. 

While we can certainly start by being sun smart (think hat, sunglasses, sunscreen - plus that nifty mask you’re carrying around is another option for sunblock!) if the heat catches you off guard, you’ll want to soothe burnt skin with a mild bar that doesn’t contain any moisture absorbing clays.

We have all reached for aloe after a day spent in the sun, when we have probably ignored applying or reapplying sunscreen for the sake of a deeper tan.  The soothing effect of aloe, which is ideal for healing skin can be paired with the refreshing and cooling effect of our Recharge Soap Bar.  That magic combination of rosemary and peppermint essential oils take the sting out of a sunburn while the butters and oils moisturize our tender skin.  Lather your skin in the shower to hydrate while cleansing, then lock in moisture with some aloe vera or Recharge Lotion.  

Like our Recharge Bar, our Cascadia Soap Bar is also formulated without any clays. Just a rich blend of natural oils and butters meaning your skin can be completely rehydrated.  Swap out the peppermint and rosemary for a feeling of a forest retreat each time you step into the shower.  Ideal for work days when the great outdoors are calling you, but other responsibilities need tending to.  On days stuck at home, aromas of warm cedar, exotic patchouli, and refreshing fir allow us to dream a little.

And while hydrating your skin topically, don’t forget to feed your skin internally.  Food as medicine is a tradition that all cultures are well acquainted and with the information overload of modern times, we can often lose sight of that.  While we’re always aiming to get as many nutrients from the foods we eat as we possibly can, there are supplements that can fill in the gaps and target specific issues

Keep an eye out next week for a very special limited time offer!  We'll be including one of Well Told Health's Skin Nourisher with any purchase of skincare products that exceeds $75.

Skin Nourisher is the ideal supplement to support healthy skin as we spend more time in that summer sun we all love to worship.  A blend of collagen boosting cranberries, vitamin rich chlorella, and defense-enhancing sicilian blood orange, this vegan capsule is a must-have for beauties who love the heat, and therefore need some additional TLC for their most precious organ. 

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While certain aspects of the pandemic have been harder on our skin, upgrading skincare rituals and investing in products that are good for us and good for the planet will always be worthwhile.  For a tighter budget, be sure to keep an eye on our bundles page.  We offer product pairings and trios for a discounted price and have more combinations coming soon!  

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Sending you love + light, sensitive ones!

Woodlot xo



Cover photo by One of Us (@oneofus.collective)
Additional photos by Sheena Zalinski (@sheenazilinski)
Skin Nourisher photo provided by Well Told Health (@welltoldco)

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