Creating a Zen Space in Your Home

"Sitting quietly, doing nothing, spring comes, and the grass grows by itself." - Zen proverb

For eons, homes have been healing zones of self-rejuvenation, places of refuge to recharge our internal battery reservoirs, and sanctuaries where we can reconnect with our inner voice.  Channeling this type of pure, calming energy within a private space that is completely your own, is a must in order to stay zen, and maintain the ability to practice self care rituals like meditation, journaling, or creative expression.  A little attention goes a long way in transforming our homes into invigorating chambers of renewed and active energy.  To cherish our homes is to cherish ourselves, and we can do so, in small, but impactful ways.  

"Peace: that was the other name for home." - Kathleen Norris

The quest to invite a zen-like ambiance into a living space starts by first declaring the energy you wish to summon into your home.  While meditation energies pull from places steeped in positivity, your specific meditation purpose will inspire a slight deviation in how you go about projecting zen into your home.  Creating a serene, still feeling within your home calls for a different formula than one where you’re actively seeking clarity and movement and growth.


"Sacred spaces can be created in any environment." - Christy Turlington

With our intention clearly defined, we must then know the space we wish to impact. Not every room or space in our home transmits the same energy.  We have to decide which room we want to evoke the meditative prowess.  This may not even be in a specific room - it might be in a small, quiet little corner of a larger space that we feel holds a particular energy that is suited to the way in which we wish to reconnect with ourselves at that moment, or for a period of time.  

Only we can know which space, however small, or specific, is right for us.  Perhaps, an enhancement is required.  A corner of the room, where we wish to sit on a small cushion, with a candle nearby.  Perhaps we wish to move around freely in a space, cleansing first with incense, or diffusing an essential oil throughout our practice.

"A room should feel collected, not decorated." - Albert Hadley

Building an ambiance in our room is an art form that relies on careful curation. This does not mean that we clutter our spaces with random paintings and abstract fixtures that do not mean anything to us or align with our personal definition of a meditative space.  

For many, natural lighting is imperative in calling upon their desired energy.  Think sunshine pouring into a space via large open windows.  Others prefer late night rituals with candle light.  Experimentation is vital. Learning about the preferences of others is just inspiration.  Take the time to try things out and discover what feels right to you.  Bring into your space objects that have specific meaning to you.  Select lighting that is pleasing to you.  Check to see whether your energy is troubled by rooms or spaces that are poorly ventilated. If so, select a room that has access to a window, an open door, or even consider practicing these rituals outside.  

For many, nature provides the ideal energy for their meditative rituals, and perhaps they bring along a crystal or journal to engage with, but little effort is required in setting the energy, because they feel so easily connected to a natural environment.  But of this group, there are also those more drawn to the sea, and others who long for mountain trails.  A solo hike can be a sort of moving meditation.  As can a swim in the sea or walk along the beach.

All in all, the space you select ought to have the necessary elements that allow you to seamlessly slip into meditative states with as minimal interference as possible, and while that may not be the case with a first attempt, this shouldn’t discourage you.  Remember, you are learning how to connect with your authentic self, and this should be treated with the same amount of grace as you would have in any relationship outside of yourself.  It takes time, patience, effort, and respect.  Allow yourself the grace to slowly uncover the unknown parts of yourself.  You are worth knowing.

"Nothing brings to life a forgotten memory like fragrance." - Christopher Poindexter

Scents are one of the most powerful energy promoters and modifiers that we have at our disposal.  Through fragrances, we relive old memories that refresh the mind and calm the soul.  We also experience new tones that nullify the storm brewing in our mind, and renew the senses for holistic mind and body healing. 


Cascadia - for expansion

Cascadia is an earth-centered fusion that warms a space with the botanic bliss of nature. Blended with tropical cedar, refreshing fir, and wild patchouli, this natural-mix of wood-based scents draw us closer to nature, setting the perfect environment for an expansive meditative space.  

Our Cascadia Candle is the decorative complement for your living space that diffuses the type of warm, tropical energy that refreshes, revitalizes, and expands the mind and soul.  Ideal for those wishing to level up in some area of their life, and who wish to discover the parts within themselves that they require to bring a new ambition to life, Cascadia feels expansive, adventurous, and brisk.  Woody undertones provide a steady place to stand upon, while refreshing top notes invite you to take a leap.  For those who are ready to awaken parts of their soul that have long been in a slumber, gently call to them with our Cascadia Candle - or our Cascadia Essential Oil Blend. 

Wildwoods - for exploration

Similar to Cascadia, Wildwoods is an organic-based blend of nature’s finest energy tranquilizers, all brought together to invite a warm, non-offensive environment, suitable for deep meditation.  This woods-based fragrance cradles your home in a forest-green aroma reminiscent of a camping night nestled in a quaint enclave.  The fragrance it transmits gives off relaxing undertones that sets the mood for exploratory meditation.  If you’re wanting to connect with your inner self, but you feel lost, unsure, or as if you’ve been veering down an incorrect path in life (Psst...there’s really no such thing!) you will find comfort in this musky blend of warm fir, spicy clove, and soothing balsam.

To purify your space and invite the kind of energy that is conducive to deep, but open meditation, start by diffusing Wildwoods Essential Oil Blend.  This scent is particularly popular as an essential oil, and we believe this is because many wish to be completely enveloped in this scent, as if held by it.  That said, the candle version has recently become a winter favorite.  Wildwoods brings feelings of comfort, security and as a result, perhaps the courage to take a step forward.  Where Cascadia cheers you on from the sidelines, Wildwoods is the teammate teaching you how to play the game.  

Rose & Palo Santo - for reflection

As disciplines of self-care, we value the calming, stress-relieving properties present in the blushing blend of herbal bliss that is Rose & Palo Santo.  This natural formula is ideal for grounding us in reason and sensibility, gifting us the mental frame of mind needed to channel the meditative forces that bring us balance.  If the exploration phase of Wildwoods can graduate into the action phase of Cascadia, perhaps those who have been charging ahead in life without pause, may want to spend some time checking in with Rose & Palo Santo.

Commonly used as a quick spritz of calm throughout the day, our Rose & Palo Everyday Mist can also be a nice precursor to a lengthier period of serenity, such as mediation.  Hydrating, but sensual, misting the face with this scent can work quite quickly when we’re attempting to ground ourselves into a quieter, softer state of being.  

While this scent is also available as a candle or essential oil, we love having the ability to carry this mist with us, or even a stick of actual palo santo incense, so that we can include mini-meditations in our day.  A spritz in the car before performing a task or chore that brings up feelings of anxiety, or cleansing our work space with palo and setting some clear intentions before that important zoom call we have scheduled, can provide just enough time to reassess our needs and expectations.  Rose & Palo Santo is our go-to for steadying the mind and creating enough space for all parts our ourselves to speak up.

Rose & Cannabis - for positivity

While positive thinking has gotten a bad rap lately, with many enlightened and wise individuals bringing attention to the fact that we as humans need to process and engage with a full range of emotions, there’s still a place for positivity in our self care practices.

Cannabis, known to expand the mind, and rose, thought to be a powerful heart-opener, allow the mind and heart to reconnect and realign.  While we should never ignore negative thoughts or feelings, or attempt to cover them up with positivity, facilitating this connection between the chatter in our minds and whatever is yearning to be heard within our hearts can lead naturally to a more positive outlook.  

The only way to truly process negativity is to let it say its piece, so that it can be at peace.  One of the many benefits of any mediation practice is the ability to do this.  We allow a thought, any thought, to enter our minds, we acknowledge it, and we let it pass.  Most of the time, we skip the acknowledgment part, and that thought or feeling returns.  Allowing the mind to deliver its message, and keeping our hearts open at the same time (bonus points for gratitude, whether the thought be ‘good’ or ‘bad’), can result in a very positive feeling - the feeling of being heard, seen, and acceptedBy ourselves.  While we often seek this outside of ourselves, and as humans, we require it from others too - we also need it from ourselves.

We regularly see our Rose & Cannabis Candle gifted from one friend to another, likely because the positivity associated with these scents is widely known and felt.  When it comes to mediation, it’s been well documented that we are better able to sink deeper into a meditative state when our nervous system is calm.  We recommend sinking first into a warm, epsom salt bath, scented with Rose & Cannabis Essential Oil.  Once finished, arrive in your chosen mediative space prepped & primed for a deep and rewarding session.

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All Images included are by Britney Gill (@brit_gill)