Daily Rituals // Skincare

Image by Britney Gill (@brit_gill)

It’s at the most trying of times that it’s especially important to keep our daily routines.  Our rituals can provide comfort and a sense of normalcy when life feels chaotic and unpredictable.

Self care is helpful in the best of times, but is a vital tool in times of stress and uncertainty.  Whether it’s your habit to start the day by freshening up your face, or you use your skincare routine as a way to wind down in the evening, we invite you to not only keep this ritual in place, but to really indulge in a few moments of calm and familiarity each day as you care for your skin.


“If the eyes are the window to the soul, the face is the sanctuary that houses them.”


We’re all being asked to put on a brave face right now.  We hope the following rituals and intentions can provide you comfort, stability, and a space for reflection.  

Nourishing Cleansing Balm - Lemon + Petitgrain

Cleanse and purify with a gentle, vitamin rich formula that activates with water.  Consider this a daily treat for the skin and the senses.

The Ritual

Pause, breathe, and scoop a small amount into your palm.  Warm between your fingertips and slowly massage into damp skin.  Remove in circular motions with your hands or a clean cloth and lukewarm water, and then gently pat your face dry. 

As You Massage

In the morning - Think of one small thing you are looking forward to today.   Maybe you’re going to try an online yoga class. Maybe you’re just looking forward to your morning cup of coffee.

In the evening - Think of one thing you were thankful for today.  Maybe you spoke with a loved one who is doing well. Maybe you got something done around the house that’s been on your list for months.

Nourishing Facial Toner - Rosewater + Hyaluronic acid

An all-natural combination of ingredients that will leave your skin refreshed and hydrated.

The Ritual

Shake well to blend, and then drop a small amount directly into one palm.  Carefully spread over each hand and then press on to your face with gentle pressure.  Start with your forehead, and move on to your temples, cheekbones and chin.  Finish by wiping over the rest of your face and neck.

As You Press

In the morning - Set a small and simple intention that you can confidently commit to only for  today. Try not to choose something long term. The idea is to gain a sense of accomplishment by the end of the day.

In the evening - Ask yourself what you did today that you are most proud of.  Perhaps you helped someone to feel calm, or maybe you created a new recipe with ingredients you wouldn’t ordinarily use together.

Nourishing Facial Moisturizer - Chamomile + Shea

Soothing chamomile, nutrient rich essential oils, and ultra hydrating shea butter make this luscious yet gentle moisturizer the perfect finish.

The Ritual

Apply 1-2 pumps to your hands and apply over your face and neck in upward sweeping motions.  Apply a small amount to the back of your hands if you’re experiencing dryness from additional handwashing.

As You Sweep

In the morning - Consider who might appreciate hearing from you today.  Maybe you’ll send a friend a text to check in on them and their family, or maybe you have a neighbor who needs someone to run out to the store for them.

In the evening - Be conscious of what your next steps are before heading off to bed.  If you haven’t already, make sure your phone is turned off or set to airplane mode.  Select a book you can escape into for a short while or try a guided meditation to calm your thoughts before turning out the lights.

Sending love and light,

xo Woodlot