Easy DIY Beauty Recipes for Luminous Skin

Easy DIY Beauty Recipes for Luminous Skin

With fall in full swing, it’s time to talk skin. Whether you’re on the coast or inland, autumn brings a sharp drop in humidity – meaning dry air and even drier skin. Mix this with cold winds and central heating and you have a perfect storm of irritated, flakey and sensitive skin.

To help you avoid these common complexion complaints, I’m sharing two of my favourite DIY recipes to keep skin calm, cool and collected this season. Packed full of healing botanicals to nourish and soothe sensitive complexions and so easy to put together it would be silly not to. So sit back, grab your favourite fall elixir and get ready for some serious self-care.

Rose + Aloe Face Wipes

This time of year can be hard on skin. Not only is the weather changing, but we’re busy – am I right? The slow, chilled days of summer are behind us and fall is in full swing. Work is full on, social commitments are around every corner and we’re heading right into the thick of the holiday season. What better way to prep skin for this assault than with a cooling, soothing batch of rose + aloe face wipes? Super easy to make and even easier to use – reach for these after a hard workout, or use to prep skin before a decadent facial mask.


1 cup witch hazel

1 cup organic dried rose petals

1/3 cup aloe vera juice

1 tbsp vegetable glycerin


Jar with lid

Cotton face pads


Add rose petals to witch hazel and store in sterilized container in a cool, dark place for 1-2 weeks (the longer you leave the petals, the darker the infusion will be)

When you’re ready to make your wipes, strain the rose out of the witch hazel

Add aloe vera and glycerin to witch hazel and stir together until well combined

Stack your face pads in your jar of choosing and pour mixture over top – give pads about an hour to soak up all the botanical goodness

Store in the fridge and use as desired

Face wipes can get stuck together, simply pry apart when ready to use

Pssst – if you’re pressed for time, skip the infusion and use Woodlot’s Rose + Palo Santo Mist in place of rose petals and witch hazel.

Pink Honey Mud Mask

I don’t know about you, but to me – there is no better feeling than applying a decadent face mask and sipping on a cup of herbal tea (or glass of red, if you’re feeling cheeky). It’s such a beautifully self-loving practice and truly forces us to slow down in the midst of chaos. This mask is a perfect blend of radiance boosting and antibacterial raw honey, gently detoxifying kaolin, skin tone evening rosewood and acne fighting palmarosa. Apply to clean, toned skin and leave on 15-20 minutes before removing and following up with your favourite moisturizer or beauty balm.


1 tbsp kaolin clay

1 tbsp pink clay

2 tbsp raw honey

6 drops rosewood EO

3 drop palmarosa EO


Mix clays together

Add raw honey and mix until smooth

Add essential oils and mix well

Apply to cleansed skin and leave on 10-20 minutes as desired

Remove with clean muslin cloth (in circular motions for gentle exfoliation!)

Follow up with your favourite creamy moisturizer or beauty balm

Now say hello to beautiful, smooth and radiant skin.



P.S. always patch test new ingredients to avoid sensitivity. Plant based DIYs should be used as soon as possible and kept in the fridge to prevent spoiling

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