Fall Rituals // Copal Incense

 White Mayan Copal Incence

Most of us by now will be feeling the slow transition from one season to another.  Cooler air, shorter days, and coloured leaves are soon to be among us.  We always enjoy witnessing the way that our community incorporates new rituals into a new season, and this year we’re delighted to see so many of you incorporating our White Mayan Copal Incense.

Used in ancient Aztec traditions, Mayan Copal is loved for its purifying properties. The sacred wood is harvested from medicinal trees native to southern Mexico.

Since the 6th century, incense has been used in rituals across the globe.  Characterized by aromatic, billowy smoke, incense is nature's potent purifier.  From Japan, to India, to South America, and Mexico, its use can be traced in shamanic history as an all-natural tool for cleansing energy and reviving the spirit.

We love the elegant scent of Mayan White Copal for its earthy and subtly sweet aroma, as well as its longer burn time in comparison to our long-time favorite incense, palo santo.

For us, autumn brings the desire to cozy up indoors, catch up on our to-be-read lists, and start a new creative project.  We choose Copal when we want to create an environment that inspires us, comforts us, and brings a sense of ritual to something we hope to make a habit.

While we are always wishing you well in every season, we hope that you will join us this fall in engaging in rituals that involve slowness, thoughtful intention, and of course, joy.

Share with us your rituals with Copal by tagging @woodlot or using the hashtag #ourwoodlot.  Sending you cozy vibes going into fall this year, from our Woodlot to yours.

Woodlot xo


Cover image by Anna Núñez ((@annannunez)