Full Moon Report by The Good Spirit

Astrological Implications:

For many years researchers assumed that there could simply be no life in the deep-sea because no light could reach those depths. As technology advanced and the tools became available to explore these areas, scientists met all sorts of extraordinary creatures. Creatures that had evolved to survive, and dare I say thrive in a world of their very own. The idea that life could also exist in deep space was pushed forward because of this new-found knowledge. And so the search continues into the universe to find life on other planets. 

It is no wonder then that the moon and the sentimental and resilient Pisces fishies are good friends. Factoring in both Pisces and the moon we are dealing with plenty of subconscious energy. Is there a part of you that profoundly believes because you have no 'light', you cannot do something? Do you tell yourself that you are not good enough, not rich enough, not strong enough to create the life you ache for so deeply in your soul? And who imprinted that message into your emotional body? Can you pinpoint them (a parent, family member, friend, lover) and forgive them? Can you touch that wound with not light, but with darkness; like blowing out a candle, painting over graffiti, or throwing a penny down a deep well watching it disappear until you hear that echoing clunk - knowing you will never see it again. 

Tarot Card: 10 of Wands 

The September full moon is also known as the Harvest Moon. When I see the 10 of wands tarot card, a hunched over figure carrying a harvest of sorts I want to ask: Is this your weight to carry? I always wonder how much is theirs and how much is other people's? Why are you holding on to their stuff, dear friend? The idea with this card is that you are able to drop the burden and take a break. It's a number 10 card. What's in store for October? Keep moving forward; you're almost there!

Self-Care Tip: Take a blank piece of paper and a pen. Write down all the horrible things anyone has ever said about you. Next, write down who implied this to you. Don't forget the things you have said to yourself. Take a second to look at it. Taking a black sharpie, blackout all of those horrible words repeating 'this is not true' with each one until every ugly thing you or someone else has expressed about you is gone. I am not going to force you to say beautiful things about yourself or make you plaster it over with ideas you may not have come to accept within yourself. I am asking you to let go, knowing you will never see it again.

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Summary: Paint it black.


Woodlot & The Good Spirit