Potent Potion: Our Facial Toner

Despite every beauty blog and magazine referring to toner as an essential part of any thoughtful skin-care routine, many people are still unaware of what toner really is — and have misconceptions as to its true purpose.

In the past, toner was deemed too astringent and incredibly drying - an easy step to skip, which often only made skin issues worse. Not conducive to a healthy or radiant complexion! Thankfully these days many toners are crafted without the use of alcohol and contain antioxidant rich botanicals to reduce inflammation and calm redness.

Since it makes a regular appearance in our beauty rituals, today we're sharing a little bit more about our Nourishing Facial Toner!

How to Use.

After cleansing with our Nourishing Cleansing Balm, shake well to blend, apply toner to a cotton ball, and wipe on face and neck after cleansing and prior to applying moisturizer or facial oil.

What does it do?

A treat for dehydrated skin, toners help remove any missed cleanser or grime and nourish while preparing the skin for product. Our blend of soothing rose water and antiseptic witch hazel make our toner the ultimate in tightening and soothing.

Why Woodlot?

Unlike a typical astringent toner, our Nourishing Facial Toner contains hyaluronic acid, which results in a beautifully silky texture and a product that helps retain essential moisture. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the human body, although it can be degraded by things like excessive UV exposure. It works like a magnet for moisture, helping your skin cells retain as much as possible! 

So you can see that this potent potion works effectively to nourish and hydrate all complexions - meaning it's time to say goodbye to dull winter skin, naturally - with Woodlot.

Woodlot xo

images: Carolyn Tanaka