Woodlot Wellness Bundles

Introducing Woodlot Wellness Bundles...

Image by Sheena Zilinski (@sheen.ism)

We’ve been looking so forward to sharing these with you...

Each bundle, includes one of Woodlot’s much loved Everyday Mists, paired with one of our favorite Essential Oil Blends, and has been curated to inspire thoughtful intentions around fitness, mindfulness, and overall wellness in your life.

We encourage you to reflect on what physical, mental and spiritual wellness look like, feel like, and what each specifically means for you ― and we hope that one of the scent combinations below will intrigue you, and inspire you, to discover new rituals this summer that will become a part of your wellness practice year-round!

What does wellness look like, feel like, and smell like to you?  

The Mindful Morning Wellness Bundle 
Rose & Palo Santo Mist + Recharge Essential Oil 
For the slow riser who thrives on a morning routine that includes some mindful intentions and thoughtful actions.  Start your morning with a spritz of Rose & Palo Santo Mist to help you approach the day with a sense of calm and readiness, and follow by diffusing our energizing Recharge blend.  Rosemary & peppermint will help you wake up gently as you move through a short yoga practice or some simple stretching.


The Ready, Get Set Wellness Bundle 
Sweetgrass Mist + Recharge Essential Oil
For those that rise with the sun and rely on consistent energy all day long , you’ll want to kickstart your day with a spritz of our Sweetgrass Mist — a bright blend of crisp sweetgrass, zesty witch hazel, earthy lavender, and fresh juniper.  Keep the momentum going by diffusing our Recharge blend — a stimulating combination of rosemary and peppermint.
The Enlightened Yogi Wellness Bundle
Rose & Palo Santo Mist + Original Essential Oil 
For the devoted yogi who aspires to expand the mind and invigorate the senses through meditation and mindful movement.  Transcend the physical realm with our Original Essential Oil — a blend of refreshing fir, crisp pine, uplifting eucalyptus, and sweet orange.  Finish with a spritz of our Rose & Palo Mist.  Heart opening rose and grounding palo santo will reconnect your mind, body and spirit with the earth.
The Rest & Recovery Wellness Bundle
Flora Mist + Flora Essential Oil 
Whether it’s a mindful post-workout wind-down you’re after, or a simply a way to unwind at the end of a long day, treat your mind and body to an aromatic mixture of calming lavender, crisp sweet orange, exotic patchouli, and refreshing bergamot.  Spritz or diffuse, and allow this blissful and botanical blend to soothe your senses and shift you into rest and recovery.


Whichever best suits your personal wellness vibe, we can’t wait to hear how these scents add to your daily rituals.   Share your wellness journey with us by tagging @woodlot or using the hashtag #ourwoodlot.  We always love to hear from you!

With love + light,

xo Woodlot