It's Candle Season, Baby

Can you feel it yet? 

The transition into the cooler months always brings excitement because we can finally begin to visualize cozy evenings in, warm blankets draped over us, and hot meals and treats simmering on the stove top or baking in the oven.  Think intimate gatherings with your nearest and dearest.  Soothing aromas of cinnamon, cedar, and clove.  Crisp mornings with your favorite hot bevvy, and bright, colorful afternoons strolls with a friend or by your lonesome.

And nothing make’s autumn more special than having your favorite all-natural, clean burning candle at your side.

It's Candle Season, baby!

Whether you’re all about our ever popular Flora scent (always a top pick for getting inspired or turning your attention towards personal growth) or our classic Original scent (woodsy and crisp, and perfect for family time), or if you’re looking to try something a little more in-season, like Cinder (grounding vetiver, warming cedar, spicy cinnamon & uplifting sweet orange) or Wildwoods (woodsy balsam, refreshing fir & sultry clove), Woodlot has you covered.

And as we know that many of you will be burning your favorite Woodlot candles this season, we wanted to take this opportunity to share our favorite usage tips so you can enjoy your candles worry free :)

Tip # 1

For your candle’s first lighting, plan to burn it for 2-4 hours.  This will establish a full melt pool and can help prevent tunneling or any candle wastage.

The first burn sets the tone for the rest of the candle.

Tip # 2

Always trim the wick to a ¼ inch for each subsequent burn.  Trimming the wick allows your candle to burn at the recommended and safe temperature.  Not trimming regularly can cause the wick to mushroom, resulting in a hotter burn.

Tip # 3

Burn your candle for no longer than four hours at a time, as doing so can cause the glass to overheat.  It’s time for a new candle when a ¼ inch of wax remains.

Due to our candles being made from natural ingredients, there can be some variation from one candle to the next, so even if you’re a long-time consumer of our candles, it's always important to keep a watchful eye on your candle and exercise caution when in use.  Remember to always keep your burning candle in sight, make sure candle is placed on a stable, solid surface, and keep the wax pool free of wick trimmings and other debris.

Thank you for bringing Woodlot into your home this fall.  Enjoy!

Woodlot xo


Cover image by Sheena Zilinski (@sheenazilinski)