Rituals // In Bloom

Throughout time, humans have lit candles to illuminate darkness, dedicate prayers, solidify intentions, enhance meditation, offer blessings and bring comfort and positive energy to their surroundings. The candle’s flame has a unique ability to touch the deepest part of our soul with warmth and enchantment, while the therapeutic properties of pure essential oils quietly transform our space. 

Beyond that, the striking of a match is a symbolic act of transformation, especially significant as we move into a new season. The next time you strike a match, take a moment to be inspired.

This spring, we welcome you to bring ancient rituals into your life by incorporating the practice of lighting a Woodlot candle with a specific intention.

Lighting Rituals

Affirmation Ritual

Prior to lighting an affirmation candle, sit in silence for a few moments and release any thoughts of negativity.  You might find that burning a stick of palo santo is helpful for this pre-ritual step. Having cleansed your mind, and space, light your candle, and then close your eyes and envision positivity and happiness. Silently recite a heartful affirmation statement or write it down in a journal as many times as you feel necessary.  Choose Flora for a scent that encourages the blooming and unfolding of a new path in your life. 

Blessing Ritual

We often desire to help someone without knowing the best course of action. Offering a blessing is one way to enlighten the situation and to help you reflect on what your role might be.  We suggest our Amour scent for this heart-centred ritual.

Inner Reflection Ritual

Close your eyes and take a few soothing breaths. Place your hands lovingly over your heart and give yourself permission to let go and deeply connect with yourself.  As you light the candle recite a loving intention and prayer - let the flame draw you in and caress you with its warmth. We love our Wildwoods scent for this ritual, as we are always most connected with our humanity when in nature.

Woodlot xo