A Daily Botanical Shower Ritual

Image by Sheena Zilinski (@sheen.ism)

Unlike a relaxing bath, showering is a daily ritual that is easily and often overlooked as a time for self-care. A quick cleanse that we usually rush through, it may be surprising to realize that shower time creates the perfect environment for YOU time. So today, we’re sharing 5 easy ways to elevate your shower ritual no matter how little time you may feel like you have.

1. Set the Scene

Rather than jumping into the shower, rushing through the process and hurrying on to your next task, set the scene and create an environment for peaceful and intentional self-care. Keep your bathroom tidy, put away any clutter, decorate your space with items that bring you joy (plants, crystals, or beautiful handmade ceramics) and remember that how we do one thing is how we do all things - the energy you bring to this space is just as important as the rest of your abode.

2. Stimulate Skin

Before you step into the shower, set a side 5 minutes to give your body an invigorating dry brush. One of our favourite self-love rituals, dry brushing stimulates micro-circulation and blood flow, encouraging a healthy lymphatic system and smooth, glowing skin. Use a stiff bristle brush (you can find one at almost any natural health food store) and simply brush the skin using long, slow movements towards the heart. Start at the feet and move up the legs, similarly, when you start on your arms, begin at the hands and brush upwards. Use firm, small strokes upwards or work in a circular motion.

3. Botanical Bliss

Aromatic baths filled with flora, crystals and candles are one of our all-time favourite ways to chill - but sometimes it just isn’t feasible to set aside 20 minutes for a soak. On those days self-care seems wholly unattainable, turn a quick shower into a soothing botanical ritual with our Essential Oil Blends. We love waking up to the invigorating aromas of peppermint + rosemary, or sending ourselves to sleep with the soothing scent of Flora. Simply add 10-15 drops to your shower and breathe in the benefits of all-natural aromatherapy.

4. Self-Soothe

Post shower, take a minute to massage a nourishing body lotion into your skin. The act of moisturizing the body is a subtle, yet effective wellness ritual. The simple act of rubbing lotion on the skin is a form of self-soothing and stimulates both circulation and cell regeneration. Daily moisturizing quenches the skin, encourages healthy skin and infuses the body with the healing benefits of all-natural ingredients.

5. Practice Gratitude - Always.

Before you run off to tackle that never ending to-do list, pause, take a moment to practice gratitude and set an intention for the rest of your day. Light a stick of palo, say your intention out loud and hold it close for the rest of the day.

Woodlot xo