Sleep Rituals with Woodlot

Happy World Sleep Day!

We were thrilled to see that this year, our friends at have chosen the slogan, Regular Sleep, Healthy Future.

In previous years, we’ve seen phrases like Better Sleep, Healthy Sleep, Good Sleep, and Restful Sleep - and while all of these would certainly be ideal, we’re also fans of keeping goals approachable and achievable.

That’s why we loved that the team at opted to highlight just the importance of regular sleep this year - meaning, your goal is simply to shoot for a bedtime and a wake up time that are consistent across your week.  The nice thing about this goal is that working on the one is likely to achieve the other

Read on for our ideas on how to prime your body and brain for sleep at your chosen bedtime - and hopefully that will give you a consistent wake up time as well!

Comfortable Bedding

While texture and touch are probably the first things that come to mind when you think comfortable bedding, we encourage you to engage all the senses, when it comes to increasing the comfort of your sleep space.

Making your bed in the morning is such a sweet gift to your later-in-the-day-self.  Something about the sight of a neatly made bed is so inviting.  

Investing in a pair of sheets that feel especially luxurious can also make a world of difference.  We love Sunday Citizen.  Sunday Citizen’s Snug Comforters set the bar pretty high - but did we mention you can get double snug?  A second layer of snug adds a lot of comfort, and a bit of additional weight, but if you’re looking to lower anxiety and increase a feeling of safety as well as comfort, check out their weighted blankets - which by the way, are weighted with amethyst, clear quartz and rose quartz crystals!  (How cool is that?)

And don’t forget to find a pillow that supports you.  Our go-to is Obasan.  Not only are their products handcrafted and made with 100% organic materials, but you can find a pillow that is specifically suited to your needs - whether you’re a side-sleeper, and hot-sleeper, or someone prone to suffering from neck or back pain, Obasan has a pillow for you!

Lastly, try misting your pillow and sheets with your favourite scent.  We recommend Flora!   A little bit of soothing lavender and refreshing bergamot can provide that additional bit of comfort that allows you to sink into your own personalized sleep haven.  While scent is the sense most strongly linked to memory, using the same scent nightly can help remind your brain that it’s bedtime.

Eliminating Light

We also have been excited to see more discussions on protection against unnatural light sources.  The presence of unnatural light in the later hours of the day can interrupt our production of melatonin - commonly known as the ‘sleep hormone’ or ‘hormone of darkness’.  

While blue light blocking glasses can protect against blue light during the day, some other simple ways to lower your consumption of unnatural light is to just be mindful of the amount of lights you have exposure to in your evenings.  Shut out street lights by closing the blinds, try to stay off your phone or computer for at least an hour or two before you want to be asleep, and use candles to create the kind of lighting our ancestors experienced at nighttime - firelight!  

To mimic ancient nighttime rituals in your home that are more aligned with your biology, think candlelight and conversation with loved ones.  Keep your candle scent consistent with your choice of pillow mist to help signal ‘bedtime soon’ for your brain.

Reserving Your Bedroom for Sleep

As many of us have learnt during this past year of working from home, our environments have a major impact on our productivity levels - among other things!  It’s true that reserving your bedroom for only sleep (and sex) is ideal, but hey, not all of us have this option, and keep in mind that we’re aiming for achievable here.

Some of the best feedback we received in the last 12 months was that our products have been a vital component in transforming kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms into work-like environments.  This is the power of rituals.  The simple act of misting a room or lighting a particular candle can swiftly change the room from a productive space to a sleep space.  

For bedtime, choose scents that are soothing and calming, like Flora, Rose & Palo, or Amour - if you want to spice things up with your partner before you turn in!  And if you’re loving the idea of keeping your sleep scents consistent, you’ll be happy to know that our Cleansing Balm, Rose Water Toner, Facial Oil, and Moisturizer all include lavender essential oil!  Pair your nighttime skincare routine with a Flora Candle or Mist, and you’re brain will be in sleep mode in no time.

Now is also the perfect time to invest in some Woodlot Skincare.  With every purchase of skincare this month, 15% of what you spend will be donated to One Girl Can and go towards their current mission of building a dormitory in Nairobi so female students there have a safe place to live, study - and sleep!  Read more on this here.   

Lower Anxiety

We recently polled our community and learnt that the number one thing getting in the way of their sleep is stress, anxiety, and worrying.

While we believe that aromatherapy and daily rituals can have a gentle impact on mental wellbeing, we also know that fueling our bodies with superfoods can be a game changer in how our bodies and brains operate.  Sunpotion sources the planet for potent, healing substances that can transform our health.  

For decreasing anxiety and increasing sleep as a result, we love Moringa Leaf powder, which is also known to aide digestion, another common culprit of troubled sleep.  

Sustainable Fresh Water Pearl supports the body’s natural collagen production, which helps regulate sleep cycles - and keeps skin even and clear!  Bonus points from us on that one!

Wildcrafted Ashawagandha (sometimes referred to as ‘Indian Ginseng’) is known to harmonize the body, mind, and spirit - and reduce the effects of mental, emotional, and physical stress.


We hope that today we’ve inspired you to set a small goal towards more regular sleep, offered an idea or two that you can incorporate into your sleep gameplan, and introduced you to a product that can help make your sleep dreams a reality.  

If you’re reading this on World Sleep Day be sure to check our Instagram feed for details for our Dreamy Rituals Giveaway - which includes prizes from us, @sunday.citizen, @obasansleep, and @sunpotion!  

For more information on our products, always feel free to reach out to us at  

Wishing you some very regular sleep in 2021!

Woodlot xo


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Cover Image & Facial Oil Image by Britney Gill (@brit_gill)

Flora Mist Image by Page and Paper Studio (@pageandpaperstudio)

Candle & Earrings by Sheena Zilinski (@sheenazilinski)