Spring Attunement

As the last bit of winter begins to subside, and we transition from cold, dark nights to bright, blooming days, it's time to renew, revitalize + reconsider your wellness rituals with Woodlot.

We truly believe that spring gives us a beautiful opportunity to shed away layers from the winter, and revel in the bright, beautiful skin we're in. Today, we're revisiting some of our wellness rituals for this time of year, and sharing a few of our favourite tips for spring.

Be Radiant

Potent Potion: Our Clay Mask

A staple of the self-care movement, our rejuvenating mask ritual has become something we look forward to each and every week. The slow pace, the quiet moments and the commitment to self make this more than just a facial mask, it's a self-care experience. Crafted with detoxifying colloidal clay, rejuvenating green tea, seaweed, bergamot, grapefruit and orange - our mask brightensminimizes pores, and prepares skin for spring!

Potent Potion: Our Facial Toner

Unlike a typical astringent toner, our Nourishing Facial Toner contains hyaluronic acid, which results in a beautifully silky texture and a product that helps retain essential moisture. Made with plant-based hyaluronic acid and glycerin which attract moisture to the skin for a dewy, nourished spring complexion +  rosewater which helps to encourage cell regeneration while reducing any redness or irritation. Plus it smells like roses, which we love! 

Spring Rituals: Our Favourite Wellness Essentials

Enjoy 20% off our Mayan White Copal, Palo Santo, and our Recharge + Cascadia Collections to help you create your own spring wellness bundle to cleanse space + spirit.

Be Nourished

A round-up of some of the delicious spring inspired recipes we're loving:

Shaved Asparagus + Mint Salad

Inspirational Sunflower Seed Risotto

Dill + Beet Chickpea Salad

Spring Salad with Marinated Tomato Dressing

Be Well

When do you palo?

When you're having a moment of distress, perhaps trying to make a difficult decision you’ve put off for too long, or trying to come up with a solution to a problem, albeit work related, health related, something with the kids or your spouse; a conflict with a dear friend... That’s when you palo.

Your Most Intentional Year Yet

Intention comes from the Latin intendere, “to turn one’s attention,” and intentionem, “a stretching out.” While resolutions are firm and hard, intentions are flexible. They’re about where we direct our attention. They're about our daily priorities. They’re about being mindful. And the transition to spring marks the perfect time to revisit our intentions from the beginning of the year.

Wishing you an inspired spring, full of vibrant health.

Woodlot xo