The Secret to Radiant Skin

Image by Sheena Zilinski (@sheen.ism)

Amongst the hustle and bustle of daily life, mists have become an essential component of our wellness routines.

They serve as a reminder to take a moment, pause, and reset, and the act of misting uplifts the mood while providing instant hydration. With each spritz of a Woodlot mist, you’ll receive a burst of lightweight luxury, as well as an invigorating aromatherapy experience—we call that a wellness win-win.

The Ritual

Pause. Reset. Recharge.

Give yourself permission to reconnect to yourself amidst a day full of the usual commitments. Step away from the chaos, shake well, and mist in the air, on body or pillows and experience the power of ancient traditions for natural wellness.

Image by Sheena Zilinski (@sheen.ism)

Rose + Palo Santo

Heart opening rose hydrosol combined with soothing palo santo make this a must-have to help reduce daily stresses.


Palo Santo has amazing skin toning properties, while rose helps reduce redness + irritation while encouraging skin cell regeneration. Feel free to use as a daily toner post-cleansing or as a post-workout refresh.


Indulge your senses with this blushing blend of calming lavender, refreshing bergamot, and toning witch hazel.


One of our favourite oils for skin, lavender helps calm + soothe irritation while improving skin tone. Perfect as a pillow mist to encourage peaceful sleep or as a soothing skin toner.


Summer in a bottle. Our ode to the scents of fresh cut grass and soil. A combination of stimulating juniper berry and grounding cedarwood.


A soothing, uplifting scent perfect for everyday use. Store in the fridge and mist on body in the morning to energize and prepare for a busy day or use as a bed mist to refresh tired linens.


Refresh, restore, and revitalize with Woodlot mists.

xo Woodlot