To Our Community

They’re baaack...

To celebrate the return of our large candles, we wanted to share a round-up of candle-related feedback we’ve received recently.  Getting beautiful messages like these is a weekly occurrence, but we never tire of hearing how Woodlot products fit into your rituals and what the scents bring up for you personally.

New to our products?  Have a look below at what people are saying about Woodlot Candles & scroll to the bottom for a special code that you can use to get 15% off our returning 13.5oz Collection!  These babies will burn for up to 60 hours - 20 hours longer than their smaller 8oz counterparts - so pick your scent and get lit with Woodlot!

"I love how clean your candles are, in addition to the beautiful jars and fragrances."

"During these crazy times, it is nice to focus on the small things in life and having a nice Woodlot candle in our place is one of those things."

"I absolutely love your candles and am so happy to support a local company that creates such beautiful products!”

“I am new to your products and I just want to say I am in love with everything - especially the candles! The different scents remind me of specific times in my life and it’s so comforting.”

"I can’t burn any other candles except yours."

"I find myself taking a lot of baths to ease the stress of the times.  Your candles are instrumental.  They smell wonderful and impart a soothing glow."

“I just received the Cinder candle I ordered and the fragrance is amazing!”

“I’m a Vancouver-expat and your candles remind me of home!”

“My nephew loves the candles as much as I do!”

"The aroma just took my breath away and it made me feel as though I was on vacation, relaxing, and enjoying the sun, the water, and the beauty of the earth."

“We are absolutely obsessed with your candles… love them, and have them lit everywhere!  We love Woodlot - reminds us of spring, here in Northern Ontario, when the evergreens start to give off their scents…”

"Your candles are a major part of my self care routine."

“These candles not only have adorable packaging, a great fragrance, and a phenomenal burn time... but they burn so clean!" 

"I’ve never had a candle burn so perfectly that there is zero wax residue on the inside of the glass jar.  It burns perfectly even, the whole way down - is this how all candles should perform?!"

"I have lit this little baby every single night since I received it nearly three weeks ago for a minimum of four hours at a time... and she's still going strong!

As a small business, we really rely on customer feedback both positive and negative,’ we always say, but really, there is no such thing as ‘negative’ feedback.  While of course we love to hear that we wow’d you the first time, we always appreciate the chance to improve your experience, so we equally appreciate anyone who takes the time to reach out and let us know if we missed the mark somewhere.  It can only help us grow!

Thank you to everyone who has ever reached out, purchased our products, or shared about us with a loved one.  We appreciate you!

For 15% off the returning candle collection, enter the code LITWITHWOODLOT at checkout, and for help choosing which scent is right for you, visit last week’s blog here.

Have something to tell us?  You can always reach out to us at 

With love & gratitude,

Woodlot xo


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