Woodlot Gift // The Romantic

One of our favourite ways to show love to the humans we hold close is with a small token of affection. It doesn’t have to be much, but a well chosen gift can serve as a thoughtful reminder of how much you care.

A tradition of ancient times, gift giving is symbolic of spreading peace and goodwill. Tokens of affection, favours of good health, and offerings for well-being have since become a means of communication, intentionally personalized to enrich the lives of the ones we love.

At Woodlot, we’re pushing back against a society of mass consumerism and mindless purchasing, and encouraging small, thoughtful gifts of wellness to inspire ritual and ignite conversation.

For the ones you love, honour and cherish, give the gift of ritual with Woodlot.

Today we’re sharing a few of our favourite gifts for the romantic in your life. The one who speaks from the heart, who believes deeply in love, and who enriches your life with tender loving care.

  1. Amour Candle Collection

A collection designed to inspire romantic rituals, our new Amour Candle Collection is the perfect gift from the heart. Filled with the beautiful aromas of palo santo, rose and earthy cannabis, encourage deep self-love in the ones you hold close.

  1. Amour Soap

Spicy black pepper and heart opening rose come together in a base of nourishing avocado oil, olive oil and shea butter for a skin loving treat for the senses. Handmade and traditionally air cured - wash up with old school way with Woodlot.

  1. Rose + Palo Santo Mist

A mist to soothe the skin and spirit, and a beautiful reminder to pause, take a moment and reset. Perfect for use as a body mist, on pillows or as a rejuvenating toner.

  1. Amour Nourishing Body Lotion

A romantic treat for the skin with floral palmarosa, fragrant rose damask and warming black pepper in a base of olive, sunflower and cocoa butter. Pure botanical bliss!

  1. Flora Essential Oil Blend

Soothe the nervous system and increase feelings of joy and well-being with Flora. A beautiful blend of lavender, bergamot, cedarwood and patchouli - perfect for the diffuser or an indulgent ritual bath.

Woodlot xo