Woodlot Horoscopes for October 2017

Woodlot Horoscopes for October 2017

This month's horoscopes were written in collaboration with Andi Astre (aka Mystic Sandwich) of The Good Spirit—a curated metaphysical boutique in Vancouver that aims to provide clarity in your spiritual path by way of introspection, intuition, and inspiration. 

October kicks off with a fiery Full Moon in Aries. On the same day, the rulers of the Full Moon; Mars and Venus, meet up in Virgo. This is a great opportunity for us to consider the masculine and feminine within each of us, and how they do or do not get along. What conversations need to be had (within or between ourselves) in order to reconcile the differences between the Venusian and Martian principles?

Late October sees a New Moon in Libra, heightening the Libran qualities of peace and diplomacy. Late October is a wonderful time for socializing as the days shorten. May we reconcile our differences. May we integrate the various aspects within ourselves. May we find the courage to stand up for our own truths, and have the sensitivity and compassion to listen to others.

Zodiac illustrations by Katie Maasik

Aries by Katie Maasik

(March 21-April 19)

I honour my innate ability as a leader to be bold and courageous. I value the fiery impulse within me, the impulse that inspires, initiates and drives. In moments when my Aries nature becomes unbalanced, there may be some impulsivity, impatience, or anger. I forgive myself and seek balance by cultivating the Libran qualities within me: equanimity, gentleness and patience. I honour myself and others; when I’m with another, I give them my attention, my care, my consideration. I listen, deeply, with the desire to understand the unique soul I’m engaging with. I allow my relationships to

Taurus by Katie Maasik

(April 20-May 20)

I honour the transformative power of awareness. When I’m shown aspects of myself that are hidden, I harness my innate courage, and I SEE. I see the sides of myself I was blind to because they were too painful, or too ugly. I understand that bringing awareness to them is healing. Awareness allows me to align with my capacity for leadership and strength. Awareness allows me to forgive myself for any anger, or impatience I convey. I recognize that over time, awareness and forgiveness enable release and transformation. I allow myself to change.

Gemini by Katie Maasik

(May 21-June 21)

I recognize my divine capacity for creativity. I honour my unique style, recognizing that creativity comes in infinite forms and can be applied in all aspects of my life. I allow creativity to flow through me, from beyond, from the silence, the darkness, the chaos that I don’t understand and no longer try to. I bring my creativity to all I do. I’ve learned to embrace my individuality. I accept that some people won’t understand, some will judge. And that’s ok. I don’t take that on. I seek out the friendships, the groups, the communities who SEE me, who get me, who support me in my uniqueness and enable
my creativity to flourish.

Cancer by Katie Maasik

(June 21-July 22)

When I am successful in my work, when I receive recognition, -- I take the time to honour myself. I acknowledge all my efforts. I am finding my place in the world. More and more, I align with my calling, my purpose, my divine work. I desire to contribute, to share my gifts, to serve the public. I recognize the importance of self-care and the need to rest. I spend time at home, with my loved ones also make time for myself, so I can reflect. I respect the balance between worklife and homelife, understanding that they
contribute to each other.

Leo by Katie Maasik

(July 23-August 22)

More and more I understand the importance of worldview. I see how the structures of my mind, the patterns of my thought, the limits of my language, all impact my experience of the world. I question my assumptions and beliefs. I see the patterns that I once accepted, but no longer believe, that persist within my awareness. I disidentify with them. I see them and step aside. I open up to greater possibility, to greater love, to greater magic. I accept that I am capable of change, that I no longer have to hold on to how I once was, that freedom really is possible. I honour moments of silence between
thoughts. I see that truth lies there, in the space, in the infinity and possibility beyond the

Virgo by Katie Maasik

(August 23-September 22)

I recognize that life naturally flows, that sometimes I’m up, and sometimes I’m down. I see that sometimes the most difficult moments give way to renewal and rebirth. I respect my capacity to transform anxiety, negativity, doubt, and insecurity, into courage, light, love, and confidence. I recognize that the path is not linear. That sometimes I need to readdress issues I thought I’d overcome, that sometimes growth occurs in leaps and bounds. I know that I am worthy and that it is possible to take care of myself materially, and do work I love. I see that it’s possible to earn a good living and do ethical work. I
honour myself as a sacred soul. As worthy. As equal to all others. I respect myself. I love myself.

Libra by Katie Maasik

(September 23-October 22)

I understand that the people in my life are reflections of myself. That the truer I am to myself, the more I attract true connections. That what I admire or dislike in others, reflects what I admire and dislike within myself. I respect myself; honouring my personal needs for space and boundaries. I understand that while my relationships are important, my relationships aren’t me. I respect others. I honour their needs. I offer the people with whom I’m in relationship my undivided attention, free from judgement or expectation-- because that’s what love is. I listen to those I love in order to understand them more deeply. I listen without jumping to how I want to reply, or what I want to share. I listen without always feeling the need to find solutions or offer advice. I just simply listen, I see, I observe, I attend, I love.

Scorpio by Katie Maasik

(October 23-November 21)

My energy levels and priorities ebb and flow, and I allow the flow. When energy is offered – I work to serve others. When I become focused and productive, I honour the importance to also rest, retreat, daydream, meditate. I balance busyness with silence, engagement with retreat, work with rest. I acknowledge the spiritual dimension within me. I seek out and commit to that which develops and nourishes my spirituality; practicing traditions that enable me to connect with that which is larger than my ego. I connect with the aspects of myself that are divine, infinite, love, and light.

Sagittarius by Katie Maasik

(November 22-December 21)

With every day that passes, I come into my own truth, and my own methods of self- expression. I recognize that creativity flows in many forms, and I honour myself for my divine ability to create. I release concern for the opinions and expectations of others. I seek to please myself, to respect myself, to live up to my own values, and not those of anyone else. I put myself out there: I meet new people, I make new connections. I seek to connect with like-minded souls who see me for who I am, who respect my creative offerings, who appreciate and support my uniqueness. I respect my need to go within, to develop and express myself. To create as well as the need to go without, to connect, to share, to engage.

Capricorn by Katie Maasik

(December 22-January 19)

I’m coming home to myself. More and more, I feel at home in my skin. I take the time to attend to my home, to lovingly care for it as the space that holds me, as the space that is the foundation from where all else flows. I recognize the importance of home for all other aspects of life. From this grounding, from this space of nurturance and care and comfort, I set out into the world to share my gifts, to contribute, to serve. I see how this solid foundation, this nurturing home base nourishes and supports the work I do in the world. I recommit myself to my work. I evaluate how far I’ve come, and where I wish to go. I seek to serve my fellow humans from my heart, from my divine purpose.

Aquarius by Katie Maasik

(January 19-February 18)

I attend to the workings of my mind, the structures that shape my language, my thought. I observe my thoughts as a practice of coming to know myself better. I notice where my mind tends to go. I witness my tendencies to criticize myself or dwell in negativity. I witness without judgment, because witnessing is loving. Because nonjudgmental awareness is how we increase our consciousness and heal. We change through awareness not through force. I seek to understand the assumptions inherent in my thought processes, I seek to understand the conscious and unconscious beliefs that shape my interactions with the world. I release the beliefs that keep me bound, I welcome greater freedom, possibility, and love.

Pisces by Katie Maasik

(February 19-March 20)

When I receive, I express gratitude. I am grateful for the abundance that I’ve been given. I welcome in more. I am grateful for who I am. I release self-doubt, insecurity, negativity. I honour myself for the beautiful divine spirit that I am. I open up to the possibility of intimacy, closeness and a deeper connection. I harness the courage it takes to make myself vulnerable to another. I recognize the magic and transformative potential in intimacy. I honour the light and spirit in the souls I’m lucky enough to connect with. I’m grateful for the people in my life that have opened themselves up to me – thankful for the gift of connection.

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