Woodlot Women

Wellness has no face, age, colour, or creed, and it can’t be painted with broad strokes; no matter where you come from, or where you’re going, wellness should be clean, pure, and catered to your individuality—to your truth. We spoke with six women from all walks of life, and over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing theirs.

From motherhood to modelling and all that’s in between, we’re getting up close and personal with these extraordinary women to discover how their rituals have been inherited from the past, and will inspire the future.

Because let’s face it—beauty has a long way to go.

Anti-aging messaging, exclusive marketing, and toxic ingredients are still flooding the industry daily, forcing women to confront a barrage of stigmas that tell them how they should look—and what to do about it.

We created Woodlot skincare to pay homage to the notion of universal beauty.

To honour ancient rituals.

To inspire current ones.

To remind all women everywhere that aging isn’t a burden.


It’s a work of art.

Join us on this journey as we do a deep dive into the world of female representation in beauty, through honest, real talk. We’re dedicated to sharing traditions of the past, to exposing stigmas of the present, and to inspiring hopes for the future.

We’re on a mission to change beauty for the better, and we’re starting by sharing the stories of six fierce women who believe in the cause.

This is Woodlot Women.