Your Complete Guide to Woodlot's Everyday Mists

A gentle haze enveloping us in our most loved scent has become the ultimate everyday self care ritual in busy modern times.   A quick spritz can transform our mood, space, and even the entire progression of our day.  Whether you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up when you hit that mid-day slump, or something a little more grounding when you’re ready to wind things down - we’ve got you covered.

A Question to be Answered...

Body mists are lightweight, tame fragrances that replace the roar of conventional perfumes with a gentle waft that gives off a subtle-yet-present aroma.  While perfumes announce our arrival in a grand, ostentatious fashion, body mists are far less overpowering.  Rather than making a statement, body mists ask the question, How would you like to feel right now?

That’s why Woodlot has three unique blends for misting, each with its own suggested purpose for you to build upon - refreshing, energizing, calming.

While cloaking ourselves in a blanket of botanical, hydrating fragrance is a common ritual after cleansing the skin, we recommend also utilizing your favourite mist in the pockets of your day that may otherwise seem dull, flat, or uninspired.  

The light fragrance of body mists allows for us to use them generously in our home, workspace, or any other space we frequent, as well as subtly scent our fav-fav’s - pieces of clothing, linens and pillow cases, and any object we come in close enough contact with to catch a whiff of our most favourite of fav’s - our favourite Woodlot blend!

New to misting?  You’re in the right place.  Today, we invite you to take a deep dive into our favourite blends for body, mind and soul. 


The sensual earth-tones that emit from the spores of lavender make it an obvious pick for body and room mists.  From ancient times, our ancestors have sought after the tranquil aroma of lavender to demystify the senses and bring us closer to our roots.  Typically used in all-natural skin care products today, Lavender is known to be soothing and even healing to the skin.

Blended with lavender essential oil, as well as lavender hydrosol (a.k.a. lavender floral water), each spritz of Flora Mist is as hydrating to the skin as it is soothing, calming the senses as well as refreshing and cooling the skin.  

While the scent of lavender is fairly distinct, bringing bergamot essential oil into the mix gives this body mist a light, tropical note, reminiscent of a freshly-picked orange, that brightens the skin and uplifts your mood.

Zesty witch hazel complements the earthy feel evoked by lavender with its woody properties, while also pairing nicely with bergamot. Together these elements work to renew your changing mood throughout the day, and evoke enough peace of mind to carry you through.



The morning dew overtones of sweetgrass are highly sought after in body mists.  Sweetgrass has long been a coveted as a herb whose fresh, green fragrance reminds us of that familiar smell of rain on freshly cut grass: that natural, invigorating cross between hay and vanilla that embodies a late spring day on the cusp of summer - fresh, yet warm, and certainly sweet, but also grounded and steady.

Woodlot’s Sweetgrass Mist is the perfect mist for body + environment.  Perhaps no other blend in our collection recalls the nostalgia of childhood as inherently as Sweetgrass.  Each droplet of organic sweetgrass hydrosol rejuvenates the body with a fresh, familiar feeling.  We instantly feel imaginative, creative, and playful.  

The earthy properties of lavender essential oil are added here also, to help intensify the woody, herbal fragrance of sweetgrass, and while lavender is typically a pungent scent, it blends masterfully with sweetgrass, playing a strong supporting role, but by no means stealing the show.

Cedar essential oil reinforces the earthy, herbal scent too, but also plays nicely with the sweetness of the blend, along with juniper essential oil, which adds a surprising amount of freshness to this otherwise earthy, sensual, and steady scent.

Spray hair and clothing as a start of the day ritual, or keep on hand at work or in the car, to keep a spritz of rejuvenation always nearby.


When heart-opening rose and grounding palo santo dance together, the song must be a lullaby.  Like a rumba, the dance between the two is both simple and sophisticated.  Rose allows for self acknowledgement to take place, and palo santo is there, not quite to lead, but to provide the potential of movement.  

The Rose & Palo Mist signals the beginning of a soothing self-treatment that is available to you through the ritual of a facial mist, a full body fragrance, or a simple spritz of calm at any moment of your day where your senses may require it.

This blend can often ready the mind to process thoughts and feelings of stress and negativity.  A hydrating, but sensual formula meets the skin and sets the tone for self-reflection and introspection - ideal for yoga, meditation, and journaling. 

Like the others, this Mist is wonderful to have on hand for those unexpected moments of overwhelm throughout the day, but is also lovely in the evening as a wind-down ritual.


While one of these blends may speak more to your current disposition than the others, we love utilizing all three each day.

The Everyday Mist Trio affords you that luxury.  This combo allows you to approach this self care ritual with a yin-and-yang mindset, paying homage to the importance of balance and flexibility in our modern lifestyles.

Set an intention by rotating body mists to suit the mood you wish to evoke during each part of your day - or each day of your week.  

By far our most accessible, use-anytime collection, Woodlot’s Everyday Mists have the ability to gently caress our inner world, and in turn, transform our perception of the world outside of ourselves.  So, keep one close, whether it be at the office, in your car, or by your bedside.  You never know when you may need a quick spritz!

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Have a favourite scent you wish was available in this collection?  Email us at and share with us what you’d like to see from us in the future!

Happy misting!

Woodlot xo

Cover image by Page and Paper Studio (@pageandpaperstudio)

Images throughout by Sheena Zilinski (@sheenazilinski)