Woodlot Canada

The Challenge of Finding Great Skincare That’s Non-Toxic, Plant-Based & Good For The Planet

When Sonia Chhinji set out to find the perfect line of skincare and natural candles, she noticed some stark, disappointing contradictions in what she found…

“There are a lot of brands claiming to be in the ‘clean beauty’ space, which is wonderful. But it seemed like there was a fair share of toxic ingredients in the skincare industry too. And that was a big ‘no no’ for me!”

Our skin absorbs up to 60 percent of the ingredients of the products we put on it, so why burden it with toxic ingredients? Why not nourish it instead with natural alternatives? After all, if you care about what you put into your body, you’re going to care about the products you put on your body as well. It was this passion coupled with a curiosity of how things are made, which compelled Sonia to join a movement… A movement that aspired to awaken the beauty industry and inspire them to shift to an all-natural offering — for the sake of people and our planet. And that was the inspiration which led to Woodlot. Sonia had realized that simply saying ‘something is natural’ is not enough. “I wanted to create a brand that went the extra mile to ensure all of its elixirs are clean and free of toxic chemicals.” Woodlot strives to make skincare feel like a proper ritual. One that’s joyful and relaxing… Because let’s face it, it can sometimes feel like a chore...and when that happens, you simply don’t enjoy taking care of your skin. This is why Woodlot wants to take clean beauty a step further. By focusing on the ritual and experience of everyday skincare, Sonia wants to transform the way we see self-care, and “make the experience of taking care of your skin enjoyable.” “With Woodlot Skincare, I wanted to create rituals that involve aromatherapy that inspire a moment of relaxation and reflection. I wanted people to actually look forward to caring for their skin every day, and not view it as yet another chore on their list of things to do.” Woodlot keeps the ingredients clean and simple. Now that you don't have to worry about whether or not it’s bad for you. Setting into a relaxing skincare routine and using toxin-free products removes this burden of worrying. In a time when decision fatigue is widespread, Sonia envisioned Woodlot to keep things simple, effective and safe. ”I wanted to build a reliable brand that consistently makes products that have concise and simple ingredients lists.” Woodlot’s messaging is rooted in self care rather than self-transformation. With a firm belief that being part of the clean beauty world means being transparent and eco-friendly. At Woodlot, you get clean, natural, luxurious skincare, without luxury costs. Driven by the principle that producing non-toxic, plant-based products would protect the planet and future generations. Woodlot is a Canadian line of home and body basics with the philosophy of using ancient methods of hands-on craftsmanship and ethically-sourced, natural ingredients that have a ripple effect on the wellness rituals of future generations. The company’s products are made naturally without GMOs, parabens, petrochemicals, phthalates, sulfates, synthetic colours, dyes or fragrances. 100% eco-friendly, vegetarian and never tested on animals. Ingredients that are “as pure as its intentions” Unlike other beauty companies, Woodlot uses radish ferment, a natural preservative, to keep their products fresh for up to 15 months after opening. The company strongly believes that access to natural ingredients shouldn’t break the bank. With their clean line of products, consumers get much more than their money’s worth. Adding “joy” back into the skincare ritual Woodlot creates products that are rejuvenating, luxurious and radiant, all while maintaining the integrity of the product's ingredients. Like all of their other products, they want to instil a sense of joy and share the ancient beauty secrets that have been passed down from generation to generation. Woodlot is immensely proud of the sustainable, high-quality and pure ingredients used throughout the entire collection. Woodlot firmly believes in graceful aging ... on our journey through life. This skincare line is perfect for all who believe that aging isn’t a curse — but a work of art.